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Zhongyuan Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company integrating product development, production, service and trade. The company has professional production and R&D teams, factories and laboratories, and constantly proposes corresponding solutions to the diverse needs of customers.

Gas-liquid mixing system application

The Zhongyuan gas-liquid mixing system has a wide range of applications in various fields, and can be applied to the mixing of a variety of liquids and gases, the mixing of liquids and liquids, and the mixing of liquids and powders. Compared with traditional mixers, the mixing and mixing of gas and liquid in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries can greatly improve the mixing efficiency and mixing effect. The precious metal industry can replace traditional oil removal equipment, and the "Zhongyuan" pressurized floating removal system can remove oil more efficiently. Improve the extraction purity. In the food industry, it is similar to adding nitrogen to oil products to increase the dissolved oxygen density.

Shunt motor solution

The synchronous circuit driven by the shunt motor must include a supplement valve block, usually a safety valve and a one-way valve; the safety valve is used to protect the system actuator from excessive pressure; the one-way valve prevents cavitation and supplements oil.