Company Profile

Zhongyuan Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company integrating product development, production, service and trade. The company has professional production and R&D teams, factories and laboratories, and constantly proposes corresponding solutions to the diverse needs of customers.

The company’s main products include vortex pumps, gas-liquid mixing pumps, gas-liquid mixing and ozone systems, synchronous shunt motors (Germany: silvia ), hydraulic station systems, etc. Products and services are widely used in wastewater, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, marine, and hydraulic systems , Heavy Industry Machinery, and many other fields.

For customers, we have prepared a diversified cooperation plan, provide corresponding services according to different needs, rationally allocate and utilize resources, and provide customers with independent and distinctive growth space, thus becoming our long-term partner.

"Cooperation creates value" Facing the future, we focus on concept innovation, business innovation, management innovation, and technological innovation. We will continue to work with many customers and peers to push our products and services to a higher level. diligent.