Electrolytic ozone generators are widely used in foods such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, etc. It has high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection effects, which can quickly kill a large number

The "Electrolytic Ozone Generator" of Zhongyuan Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is based on German electrolyzed water technology and has produced a series of active oxygen that can meet and adapt to the needs of the domestic market through continuous research and development, improvement, experimentation, operation, design, and production. water system. "Zhongyuan" is a company with independent intellectual property rights, a strong innovation team and technology development. The products developed are highly efficient, durable, and more in line with market needs. 

With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and hygiene, the active oxygen system can meet everyone’s increasingly escalating demand standards, and can solve the current use of sterilization and disinfection products on the market. There is no secondary pollution, no other carbon oxides, and it is more environmentally friendly. healthier. In the public health, urban sanitation, and public service markets, our products can better eliminate people's negative impact on food hygiene and health. The huge market demand also makes us more convinced that green sterilization must be a more reasonable requirement for the environmental protection industry in the future. 

Ozone is also known as super oxygen, strong oxygen, enriched oxygen, and third oxygen. However, due to the instability of ozone itself, under normal conditions, the solubility of ozone is only 3-7mg/L. The stability of ozone is extremely poor and can be decomposed into oxygen at room temperature. The half-life of 1% aqueous solution in the atmosphere at room temperature is 16 minutes. Therefore, unlike other industrial gases, ozone can be stored in a bottle. It is ready-made and used for a long time. It relies on expensive generators and equipment for a long time, which greatly limits the application of ozone for treatment.

  There are two traditional methods of producing ozone: one is the method of generating ozone by ultraviolet rays, which is facing the trend of elimination due to its extremely low output and short life; the other is the corona method, including high-frequency and high-voltage discharge, and ceramic creeping discharge. Wait. Corona method: Limited by the inherent characteristics of its technology, it cannot meet the requirements of mankind for the development of technology. High energy consumption, fear of humidity, high requirements on the operating environment, production of secondary pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, large equipment, complex operation (generally composed of the main engine, air dehumidification purification equipment and air compressor, covering a large area), generation Low ozone concentration (generally only 2-3% volume ratio), short life (only one or two thousand hours), low utilization rate, etc., are defects that it has been unable to solve by itself. Electrolysis (electrolysis of deionized water to produce a mixture of ozone and oxygen) is a technology for producing ozone. This technology completely symbolizes the development trend of ozone generation technology, with low energy consumption, simple operation, high utilization rate and environmental protection.


1. The performance and characteristics of low-pressure electrolysis ozone generator equipment:

(1) The produced ozone concentration is high, and the gas source weight ratio can reach 18-20%.
(2) The produced ozone gas does not contain nitrogen oxides and is non-carcinogenic substance.
(3) Using the principle of low-voltage electrolysis (3-5V), it does not produce electromagnetic waves and noise, and does not cause interference when working with other precision instruments.
(4) The gas source of the ozone generator is pure water, and other supporting instruments are not needed when working.
(5) The electrode that produces ozone is a membrane block type, which can work continuously.
(6) The equipment is not affected by the environment and temperature when it is working, and its humidity resistance is as high as 85%.
(7) The concentration of ozone produced by pure water is high, and the same amount of ozone is put into the water to reach high concentration of ozone water.

2. The indicators and comparison of the electrolysis method and corona method (air source, oxygen source) of the ozone generator:

Performance parameterElectrolytic ozoneCorona methodCorona tube
Gas sourceDeionized waterAirAir/oxygen
Air source dew point4-35°C-60℃-60℃
Cooling method-Water cooling/air coolingWater cooling
Operating Voltage3-5V3000-15000V3000-15000V
Power frequency /Hz50-6050-6060
Energy consumption  /H ,/KgO3420-3015-28
DielectricDeionized waterCeramic sheet (board)Glass tube-enamel tube
Chamber pressure--4-6
Ozone concentration /% weight ratio18-201-31-3 air source, 2-6 oxygen source
Working environment humidity≤90≤40≤50
Generator service life /H≥10000≤1000≤3000-8000
Produced gas compositionOxygen + Ozone O2 + O3Ozone+oxygen+oxide N+O3+O2+NOXOzone+oxygen+oxide N+O3+O2+NOX
PollutantsnoneNitrogen oxide + electromagnetic waveNitrogen oxide + electromagnetic wave
Related equipment when in usenoneAir-cooledLiquid oxygen or air sample preparation

3. The technology of producing ozone by low-pressure electrolysis has a long service life and is widely present in pesticides and fertilizer residues in vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other foods. It has the characteristics of high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection, which can quickly kill a large number of bacteria and viruses that reproduce in the water, and it can also make the oxygen-rich active water beneficial to the human body.