The gas-liquid mixing system is suitable for: petrochemical, medicine, smelting, and dissolved oxygen in river channels. In the field of medicine and chemical industry, it can be used as mixing and st

"Zhongyuan" gas-liquid mixing system is an advanced technology attracting attention from all industries. It is widely used in the mixing of various chemical liquids and gases, liquids and liquids, and liquids and powders. Application fields are extremely wide: including petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, medical, electronics, aerospace industry and so on, and modern industries increasingly close cooperation.

In the chemical, smelting and pharmaceutical industries, the system can be used to mix liquids and gases without the need for other stirrers and mixers, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs. Due to the pressure mixing of the system, the gas and liquid are fully dissolved, and the dissolution efficiency can reach 90~100%. No large pressurized gas tank or expensive reactor is required to produce highly soluble solution. The gas-liquid mixture ratio is 1:9(inspiratory capacity is 8-10%), and the series use can increase inspiratory capacity. The gas-liquid mixing system can mix and dissolve all kinds of gas and liquid, and directly send highly soluble liquid to the point of use. The system is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry flow range of 0.5-50 M3/H; Environmental sewage treatment water range of 0.5-150 m³/H. The use of gas-liquid mixture system can improve the efficiency of the production of dissolved gas and liquid, simplify other production equipment, save the site, reduce the initial investment, save the operation cost and maintenance cost.

Operating conditions of gas-liquid mixture system equipment:
Thin, clean, low viscosity or containing fine impurities;
Medium temperature: -15℃ to +120℃;
The gas-liquid ratio is about 1:9 (8-10% suction);
Self-priming height is 2m;

Gas-liquid mixture system

Application scope:
Aquaculture dissolved oxygen supply, (fast improve the density of dissolved oxygen, shorten the time of fish and shrimp breeding, improve breeding density, save the cost of adding chemicals, prevent secondary pollution)
❥ black smelly lakes, river dissolved oxygen treatment (increase the dissolved oxygen degree while promoting the growth of aerobic bacteria rapid decomposition anaerobic bacteria have water machine and prevent green algae breeding, improve the purification of water quality and water clarity, don't need to add other nutrients and avoid secondary pollution)
❥The shadow of agriculture cultivation (hydroponic culture), improve the plant for oxygen and ozone gas sterilization
❥Shadow of ozone water mixing (sterilization, decolorization, deodorization)
❥The shadow of the shadow of the food industry to promote the fermentation of efficiency and fresh food preservation, processing cleaning, disinfection
❥The Sunday for chemical industry, smelting, medicine, food production process gas-liquid reactor (instead of the current use of stirring process to improve efficiency and quality)
❥Shadow soil repair irrigation dissolved oxygen water
❥The Sunday for water treatment air floating device
❥The shadow of Electronic industry with ozone water washing
According to different uses and requirements of customers, we can customize the non-standard function of dissolved gas and hybrid system.
Solid technical strength and accurate manufacturing standards are our self-requirements for continuous progress.

Material correspondence:

Standard material: cast iron /304SS
Customized material :316L, duplex steel (2205, 2507, etc.), Hastelloy C-276.